Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets for the 2017 Holy Cross College Senior Production of the contemporary comedy 'An Unspeakable Triumph of Supreme Brilliance' are on sale now! The show will be performed by the talented Year 10, 11 and 12 Drama students and will be a fantastic showcase of their comedic abilities. The witty script has been written by contemporary American playwright Don Zolidis and students have tackled both the humour and the challenging Minnesotan accent with great enthusiasm.

The show will be performed over three nights on Thursday 22, Friday 23 and Saturday 24 June 2017 in the New Norcia Performing Arts Building at HCC (the first performance in the new facilities)

Tickets are $15 for Adults, $10 for Students/Concessions, $7 for Children and Free for Under 5's. The content of the show is more appropriate for an older audience and is recommended for Secondary students and older.

Tickets can be purchased from and we are looking forward to what should be a fantastic Senior Production!

Mr Chris McRae
Production Director

Producing an Unspeakable Triumph!

Rehearsals are well underway for the 2017 Senior Production of 'An Unspekable Triumph of Supreme Brilliance' which will be performed in Week 9 of this term. Students and staff have been working particularly hard with rehearsals running after school, in class and at lunchtimes. The script itself is incredibly witty and complex in nature which has been a big challenge that students have risen to. The added challenge of undergoing accent training to master the General American and specific Minnesotan mannerisms has been an amazing addition and students have blended this into their character development.

The story itself is zany, crazy and very very funny with everything from an imaginary blue tortoise, a botched horror play and an unfortunate incident involving a frying pan being tackled by our talented cast.

Students have also been very lucky this term to have been rehearsing in our brand new New Norcia Drama space which has been a privilege to work in and settle into!

Tickets for 'An Unspeakable Triumph of Supreme Brilliance' will go on sale next Monday 22 May at 9:00am and will be available from

Show dates are Thursday 22, Friday 23 and Saturday 24 June and tickets will be $15 for Adults, $10 for Students/Concession, $7 for Children and Free for Under 5's with 100 seats available for each show.

The show is mature in nature and is recommended for Year 7 upwards!

We are looking forward to what should be a fantastic Senior Production!

Mr Chris McRae
Production Director

Unspeakable Shenanigans Week 3

This week has been an engaging and productive one for the cast and crew of 'An Unspeakable Triumph of Supreme Brilliance'. Students received their costumes early this week and this has assisted greatly with their character development and has given them a sense of 'realism' in rehearsals. The costumes reflect each characters' quirks and personalities perfectly and big thanks must go to Costume managers Maria Bravo-Echevarria and Michelle Karuga along with Production staff Mrs Cuff and Miss Goodwin for their work in developing and sourcing these awesome outfits

Students were also given two fantastic opportunities to expand their experiences with this show beyond Holy Cross. On Wednesday, our cast and crew got the opportunity to Skype with none other than Don Zolidis, the playwright of the show. This was a huge thrill for students and staff alike as Don skyped from his home in Austin, Texas to HCC on Wednesday morning. He encouraged the students to bring their own personal touch to his characters and expressed his love for theatre and writing which was a big inspiration for the students. This was a memorable experience and we thank Don sincerely for giving us this opportunity.

Tickets for the Senior Production will go on sale on Monday 22 May (Week 5) and as part of the promotion process, cast members John Botha, Jamie Evans, Abbey'Lee Quantock, Brianna Armstrong and Zoe Paluszak along with Mr Chris McRae sat down with College Marketing and Community Relations manager Mrs Carolyn Jess to interview for an upcoming piece in the Ellenbrook Advocate. Students enjoyed the chance to reflect on their experiences so far.

Next week will see a break as students go off on Exams. In Week 5, we will be having two intensive rehearsals on Wednesday and Saturday to begin our attention to detail in the lead up to the shows in Week 9.

Mr Chris McRae
Production Director

Skype with Playwright Don Zolidis

It's not often that you get to speak with the playwright of the show you are working on. But for our Senior Production students that is exactly what they got to experience this week. Students got the chance to talk via Skype with the playwright of 'An Unspeakable Triumph of Supreme Brilliance' Don Zolidis, who resides in Austin, Texas. Students were able to speak with Don about their characters, the play itself and his other works as well as discussing more generic topics such as Theatre in the USA and his influences and inspirations. He gave them a very good humoured insight to his approach to the play and it was an invaluable experience for both students and staff alike!

Costumes Galore!

Earlier this week, Assistant Director Mrs Cuff and Production Assistant Miss Goodwin hit the shops to find some funky costumes for our cast under the direction of costume manager and assistant Maria Bravo-Echevarria and Michelle Karuga. What they came back with was absolutely fantastic and below is an early sneak peek into some character costumes for Samson (John Botha), Bob (Calvin Thiel), Audrey (Laila Davies) and Delilah (Brianna Armstrong).

Samson (John Botha)

Bob (Calvin Thiel)

Audrey (Laila Davies) and Delilah (Brianna Armstrong)

Unspeakable Shenanigans Week 2

We are two months away from our very first Senior Production of 'An Unspeakable Triumph Of Supreme Brilliance' taking to the stage at Holy Cross College. It has been a busy week with the intensity level of rehearsals stepping up with all students now off script and character development starting to take place. Students are now discovering the quick wit of the script and really discovering their character quirks and ticks.

At late notice, the role of Samson has had to be re-cast and we are delighted to welcome John Botha (Year 10) to the role. John (or JP as he is know to the production team) was previously performing the role of Donny the Intern (which has now been removed) and is stepping up into the lead role of Samson. JP is a talented actor and a hard worker and we have no doubt he will thrive in this role.

The set pieces will be collected next week and will start to be put together. This will give us the chance to rehearse with our collapsing walls which students are very much looking forward to. The stage has been set up which gives students a solid 8 weeks to rehearse on the stage in the performance space, a timeframe we have never had before.

Students are particularly excited to see costumes starting to take shape. Mrs Cuff and Miss Goodwin will be taking the list compiled by Maria and Michelle, our costume team and hitting the shops next week to find the final bits and pieces for each character.

Tickets for the production will go on sale at 9am on Monday 22 May (Week 5). The number of tickets available for each performance will be confirmed next week.

We are very excited for next week, as students will have the opportunity to Skype with Don Zolidis who has written this fantastic script. Don is based in Texas and is generously giving up his time to touch base with our students about their performance of his play.

Mr Chris McRae
Production Director

First Rehearsals in New Norcia Drama Studio

Unspeakable Shenanigans Week 1 Autumn

After a well deserved break, the cast and crew of An Unspeakable Triumph of Supreme Brilliance returned to school refreshed and ready to launch into production term. It was with much excitement that we kicked off our first rehearsal in the brand new New Norcia Drama Studio and the students (and staff) energy was at an all time high. We will now begin to work with sets and costumes earlier than ever before as students begin the process of character development and building.

From a technical perspective, our lighting and sound rigs are now in-house and our technical crew will be undergoing orientation next week in the workings of the lighting and sound system. The stage will also be bumped in next week, giving us 8 weeks of rehearsals on stage, something which we have never seen before.

The Senior Drama students will also be undergoing intensive in class rehearsals as part of the Year 10, 11 and 12 courses and will participating in up to 5 rehearsals each week to make this the slickest and most impressive production HCC has produced!

Mr Chris McRae
Production Director

Unspeakable Shenanigans Week 9

Coming off the back of another successful vocal workshop last week, the cast went straight into blocking the madness which is Act 2. The unique thing about the second half of 'Unspeakable Triumph' is that it basically flows as one extended scene with no stopping and high levels of energy. The cast have stepped up to the challenge and are starting to develop the frenetic nature of the scenes involved with this and as a result, rehearsals are proving to be a lot of fun for both students and staff.

Next week marks the end of an era for Holy Cross Productions, with our final rehearsal in Victoria Square before moving into the new New Norcia Performing Arts facilities. This space has seen six productions and countless hours of rehearsals. It has been a challenging space to work in at times but has allowed us to perform and build a production culture at the College of which we are particularly proud.

Next term will see the production begin to really take shape as we move to up to 5 rehearsals per week as part of the Senior Drama curriculum. Students in cast and crew roles will be busy preparing for four performances in Week 9 next term.

Until next week!

Mr Chris McRae
Production Director

Vocal Workshop #2


Julia Moody from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts worked with our Senior Production students once again yesterday in the second of three vocal workshops in which cast members are learning to master the Minnesotan accent. We were particularly excited to learn that Julia had previously trained James Millar, who is currently performing as Miss Trunchbull in 'Matilda The Musical'. The students are picking it up quickly and learning the importance of the American 'r' and 'l' sounds. They were soon put to work by presenting the opening scenes of the play to Julia and receiving character specific feedback. Julia worked with the idea of speaking with intention and motivation and students were able to bring this into their characterisation. We look forward to Julia returning for the final workshop which will be held in the week prior to the first performance!


Students, staff and members of the community were lucky enough to get a first look at the nearly completed New Norcia performing Arts spaces as part of Open Day yesterday. Several production students who were running tours were particularly excited to see the performance space and studios for the first time. Mr McRae and Mr Jackson ran the tours in conjunction with Mrs Sanders and we have to thank the builders for giving us this exciting sneak peek. The building is set to be completed in early April and be ready for use in Week 1 next term.


Mr McRae will be visiting WA Polystyrene this week who will be working on designing our collapsing set. Props and other set pieces are now beginning to trickle in with the assistance of staff and students.


It will soon be the end of an era at HCC with only two rehearsals remaining in Victoria Square. We have performed six productions in this space as well as countless rehearsals and as much as we are excited to move into our new spaces, it will be with a lot of nostalgia as the production culture has been built in this space over the past six years!

Mr Chris McRae
Production Director
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