Invitation to All Parents to Ms Anita O'Donohue's Farewell


Today we held our 2019 Orientation Day.  Students who will enter the College next year, from Pre-Primary – Year 7, were engaged in activities with current students.  The Junior School students ‘moved up a year’ and spent the morning in their 2019 learning spaces.  Current Year 6 students joined with incoming students for a day of activities which will assist them in transitioning to Middle School.  Parents also attended the College for information sessions. 

Mrs Fiona De Courcier commenced parental leave last Friday.  We wish her well as she prepares for the arrival of her second child.  Mr Simon Falcone has taken on the role of Salvado House Coordinator. Mr Mat Smyth has been the acting House Co-ordinator of McCormack House this term; he will take on this role in a substantive capacity from the commencement of 2019.  Mrs Christina Davini has taken on the role of Assistant Deputy Principal – Inter-Relationships this term.  She has taken on some of Mr Collins’ responsibilities while he carries out other duties in planning for 2019.  During this time Mr Jarrad Pisano will be the acting House Co-ordinator of Frayne.

The Annual General Meetings of the College Board and the Friends of Holy Cross will be held on Tuesday 27 November commencing at 6.30pm.  Friends of Holy Cross will host a wine and cheese event prior to the meetings, commencing at 5.30pm.

Our Executive Student Leadership Team will participate in a Training Camp on Thursday and Friday.  They will be joined by the other Middle and School student leaders for the afternoon and evening and Friday.  This will be a great opportunity for the students to develop their leadership skills and to engage in team building activities.  Thanks to Ms Bond, Mr Pisano and Mr Shelton for their work with student leaders.



Principal’s Address

This year we have had a special focus on Frederic Ozanam and the Gospel values he represents – compassion and connection.


One of my favourite musicals is Les Miserables, based on Victor Hugo’s novel of the same name.  It is set in the French Revolution, the same time and the same place that Frédéric Ozanam lived. In Les Miserables the main character Jean Val Jean is a prisoner on parole for having stolen a loaf of bread in a harsh and unforgiving society.  Unable to find a place to stay on his first night out of prison he is taken in by a bishop who lives in an old monastery.  The bishop feeds him and gives him a bed for the night and during the night Jean Val Jean,  now  a desperate man, an outcast of society,   gets up and steals the silver that he has seen on the Bishops table.  He is picked up by the guards who recognise the silver as the Bishops.  He tells them the Bishop gave it to him but in scornful disbelief they drag him back to the Bishops house.


His response, ‘you forget I gave these also’, is so surprising - and it is Jean Val Jean moment of redemption.  It is probably the first time anyone has shown him compassion and he goes on to do good for others. 

He paid the good forward.


Tonight’s Gospel was the story of the washing of the feet, a symbol of servant leadership.  The Bishop models this, he is willing to ‘be with the poor and outcast’, which would have been quite unusual for a man of his standing at the time.  Ozanam lived in this same time of poverty and upheaval and  he too was a servant leader.  His response to the poor, at a time when there was no safety net of social security was one of compassion and people have continued to “pay it forward”.  Indeed Frederic Ozanam lived life to the full and from his short life he left a legacy of caring and compassionate communities


Like St Oscar Romero,  Ozanam took the long view - both of these men planted seeds that they did not see fully grown.   But these seeds did grow.  The St Vincent de Paul serves people throughout the world.   In St Peter’s Square on Sunday we saw the fruition of the seeds that Oscar Romero had planted in the joy of the people from a liberated El Salvador.  Neither of these men were perfect, they didn’t solve  all the problems of their communities, but they did what they could do,  


My  hope for the graduates is that you too can live life to the full and empower others to live life to the full through choices which embrace compassion and connection.



Spring Term commences on Monday 8 October.  Year 10, 11 and12 students will be sitting examinations and Year 9 students will be commencing their transition to Senior School.  The students and staff who will be attending the Canonisation of Oscar Romero in Rome will fly out in Monday evening.  You can follow their journey at the following link -


Friday 14 September is the Feast of the Holy Cross and the day we celebrate our College Feast Day.  The Gospel for Feast Fay Mass included John 10:10. - ‘I came that you may have life and have it to the full.  This year we were blessed to have Emeritus Archbishop Hickey as the Main Celebrant at Feast Day Mass, concelebrating with our Parish Priest Fr Bona.    In 2010 Archbishop Hickey blessed and opened the first stage of Holy Cross College, at a time when we had just 69 students.  Yesterday 1000 students, staff and parents gathered for our Feast Day celebration.  During the Mass Archbishop Hickey blessed the pilgrims who will be travelling to Rome for the canonisation of Blessed Oscar Romero in October.  The Feast Day stalls and  activities raise money for House projects in Perth, New Norcia, Timor Leste, and Peru.  Thanks to Mr Collins, Mr Shelton and the House Coordinators for their work in organising Feast Day and to all staff, students and parents who assisted.


Last week we celebrated Italian language and culture in the College. Activities included Italian cooking, quizzes and a showcase of work.  Thanks to Signora Amatulli, Signora Morlotti and Signora Smiroldo for all their work in preparing these wonderful learning experiences for the students.


Friday 21 September  last day of classes for Winter Term.  This is also the final week of classes for Senior School before they commence exams. Spring Term commences on Monday 8 October.


On Monday John Paul Botha, Year 11, was presented with the Ron Dullard Award for Christian Drama at the Final Concert of the Catholic Performing Arts Concert at Perth Concert Hall.   He accepted the award on behalf of the students who performed ‘The Way of the Cross’.  Holy Cross College also won this award in 2017.  Well done to all the students who were part of this performance group and to Mr McRae and Mr Shelton for their work with them.  

I am looking forward to the  Opening of the Arts Showcase on Monday 17 September,  The Showcase commences at 6.00pm and will include exhibitions and performances in visual and performing arts.

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