LIFE Summer Term Week Four

Tue 26 February Kindergarten Speech Screening Continues
Junior School Assembly
Year 7 to Year 9 NEAS verses Swan Christian College 3:10pm
Wed 27 February Salvado House Mass and Celebrations 8:30am
Year 10 to Year 12 NEAS verses Swan Christian College 3:10pm
Year 9 Melbourne-Canberra Parent Information Sessions 6:30pm
Mon 4 March Labour Day Public Holiday – College Closed
Tue 5 March Home Study Day – College Closed
NEAS to be rescheduled
Shrove Tuesday

Parents please use Parent Coneqt for SEQTA Engage via this link for current letters and excursion information. SEQTA Engage

2019 College Ball

The Holy Cross College Ball was held on Friday, 1 February 2019 at Caversham House with the Ball being accommodated in the much larger Marquee for the first time.

After a very warm day, students arrived in their finery and assembled on the banks of the Swan River amid the manicured gardens and the sounds of cascading water from the colossal waterfall. A throng of adoring parents and past students gathered on the lawn, with many jostling like the paparazzi to get the best photos of their elegant and sophisticated sons and daughters, brothers and sisters.

Following the obligatory group photos on the castle like stairs, students made their way inside the stylishly decorated venue with the central dance floor surrounded by tables adorned with sparking diamanté studded orb centre pieces. Catching the eye of many guests was the generously ladened lolly buffet.

College Captains, Grace Beazley and John-Paul Botha, welcomed everyone to the evening with Breannah Rigoli, Faith Captain, saying Grace and giving thanks to God for the wonderful food and company. The sumptuous and extravagant buffet was a feast fit for royalty.

Students danced and sung to a mix of retro and contemporary tunes throughout the night, only stopping to enjoy a lavish array of desserts. A number of special awards were presented including Belle and Beau of the Ball, best dancer and best couple; however, the reality was that all guests looked immaculate and had a great time.

The evening quickly passed and it wasn’t long before the carpark began to fill with limousines, chariots, and chauffeurs eager to collect their charges and return to the creature comforts of home.

Thank you to Mr Smyth and Mr Falcone and students for organising a sensational evening.

Peter Collins
Vice Principal


Year 7 students will commence on Monday, 4 February 2018. Students are expected to arrive by 8.30am and assemble in the College Boulevard which can be accessed via the gates on the western end of the College car park. Students will be met by their House Coordinators and the Student Leadership team.

They will be required to bring, in their College bag, their food for the day and their College hat as well as their booklist items. The students will NOT need their iPad for classes on their first day.

Parents are required to attend one of three Digital Citizenship Workshops which will be held on Monday, 4 February. The starting times for this compulsory workshop are: 9am, 1.30pm, and 6pm. Please bring your child’s fully charged iPad to this workshop.

Mr Ryan Shelton
Deputy Principal - Learning

Keeping our students safe - traffic movement around the College

The College enrolments now exceed 1000 students. Consequently, there is considerable demand for parking spaces and pressure at peak times of student movement at the beginning and end of the school day. We must be patient, especially during peak times of pick up and drop off, to ensure the safety for our students.

There are three car parks within the College grounds, parents are asked to consider using the car parks off Coolamon Drive or Westgrove Drive to relieve pressure on the main car park off Strathmore Parkway.

Shortly, the Stage 6a building project will conclude allowing parents of early learning students to enter the gate near the new staff room (Tui Gates). Please use the car park appropriately and do not double park or block access to the car park. Parents may have to park further away and walk students to class.

Parking Bays – Coolamon Drive
The car park off Coolamon Drive has more that 50 bays. Students can easily access the College grounds via the pathway leading past the courts and the New Norcia building. 

Westgrove Drive Car Park
Most Middle and Senior School students begin the day in their House Tutor Groups in the Paris/Dublin and Trayning/Subiaco buildings, which are best accessed via the car park off Westgrove Drive. Additionally, students' lockers are housed in these buildings. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to drop-off and pick-up students from the car park off Westgrove Drive. 

Note that this area is not marked for Kiss and Drive. To maintain safety parents must stop in a parking bay before students enter or leave the vehicle. Instances of cars stopping in the middle of the drive have presented a safety hazard.

Also, please do not drive through to the car park near the Maintenance sheds, as these bays are reserved for service vehicles and staff.

Drive through Kiss and Drive – off Strathmore Parkway

Key aspects of this procedure include the following:

  • The Kiss and Drive doubles as an undercover area for students during the day. So:
    • gates to the Kiss and Drive will be open in the morning from 8.10am and close at 8.40am.
    • gates will reopen in the afternoon from 2.40pm and close at 3.30pm
  • Student drop-off and pick-up will only be permitted in the drive through area in the front car park (see the attached diagram). This is not a parking zone.
  • Students must wait in this area until their parents enter the drop-off/pick-up zone before alighting from the car or getting into the car.
  • Where students are not present to be picked up parents will be required to immediately drive off and re-join the queue. This will ensure an orderly flow of traffic.
  • There is considerable street-side parking a short walk from the school. Parents are encouraged to utilise these spaces.
  • Where parents have found a parking space or are parked in the surrounding streets students will be permitted to walk to meet their parents. Students will not be permitted to be picked unless parents are parked in designated parking spaces.
  • Come 10-15 minutes later, once the traffic has eased.
  • Do not double park or block driveways.
  • Drivers must not park and alight from your vehicle in the Kiss and Drive area.
  • Do not overtake in the Kiss and Drive area, but wait for the traffic to move forward.

We take our responsibility for the safety of your children very seriously. Your support and cooperation is sincerely appreciated.

Peter Collins
Vice Principal

Year 8 students return to New Norcia!

Last Thursday, several Year 8 students were selected to return to New Norcia. There, they showed several members of staff the iBook that they created during Term 3 Big Ideas and LIFE week. The iBooks were designed to answer the question, 'How can I be at my best?' Throughout the term, students investigated what it takes to be at their best. They looked at how Dom Salvado was at his best, and how we can make aspects of our life better.

At New Norcia, students completed a range of activities, and then upon their return to school, they formulated ideas of how New Norcia could offer a better experience to school groups and therefore make a higher profit.

The staff of New Norcia were very interested to hear their ideas.

Mrs Laura Billington.
Year 8 Innovator.

God Bless Us! Everyone!

The Junior School Drama Club took to the stage in their finest Christmas attire to present their end of year performance in Week 8. The classic Dickens tale 'A Christmas Carol' was brought to life by our talented Year 4-6 Drama students in the style of Reader's Theatre, a theatre format which focuses less on memorisation and more on reading with confidence, expression and character.

Addison Delauney (Year 5) carried off a grumpy, sullen and ultimately joyful Eliza Scrooge and led a talented cast:

Year 4
Lindy-Louise Papenfus (Mrs Cratchit), Ruby Briggs-Dyer (Young Cratchit), Ashni Pindolia (Narrator)

Year 5
Isabel Davies (Gentlewoman), Joshua Papenfus (Marley), Paighe Halliday (Young Cratchit), Abby Bolger (Red Faced Gentlewoman), Thomas Jacklin (Peter), Kalel Popadynec (Boy) and Ryan Andrews (Fellow)

Year 6
Kiera Perks (Niece/Narrator), Amelie Fewell (Flame), Jasmine Okello (First Ghost), Lachlan Hannaford (Fezziwig), Jesse Sokol (Bob Cratchit), Mia-Mae Vella (Second Ghost), Harry Andrews (Fellow), Mia Yeatman (Narrator), Angel Mehton (Narrator), Erin Butterworth (Narrator), Michelle Owusu (Narrator), Isabella Hughes (Narrator/Third Ghost) and Mary Zeradah Danoyo (Narrator)

Congratulations must go to all the students involved. It was a wonderful culmination of the 2018 Drama Club and a testament to the work of the staff. Thanks to Mrs Dorota Fretwell and Miss Sophie Lester for their work throughout the year. Thanks also to Middle and Senior School Students who assisted for the performance and during the rehearsal process.

The future of Drama at Holy Cross is very bright indeed. Merry Christmas!

What’s Your Passion Project? Year 7 Big Ideas Grand Finale!

On Thursday of Week 8, Year 7 Big Ideas culminated in an open exhibition of this term’s project ‘What’s Your Passion Project?’ Based loosely on the ‘Genius Hour’ concept, the Year 7 students had spent the term developing a project in response to a question or topic of particular interest to each of them. The project began with an investigation into each student’s interests, talents and learning style and followed a scaffolded process, ending in a public exhibition. 

The range of projects on offer was vast and included everything from designs for clothing in technologically advanced materials, to using animation to combat bullying, to campaigns against animal cruelty. The students were confident and articulate in explaining their projects to out guests and it was wonderful to see them receive interactive feedback from visitors of all ages. 

The Year 7 Big Ideas team heartily congratulates all the students on a wonderful effort in their final project for 2018 - we cannot wait to see what you do next year!

Mrs Emilie Lowe
Year 7 Innovator

Friends of Holy Cross Carols by Candlelight

Friends of Holy Cross Quiz Night 2018

The annual Friends of Holy Cross Quiz Night was held on Friday, 7September 2018 and was another successful event! Led by MC, Mr Ryan Shelton, it was a night full of fun, laughter, balloon popping, prize winning and of course questions and answers! Our winning team made it third time lucky after winning 3rd place in 2016, 2nd place in 2017 and taking out top honours in 2018. 

A big thank you goes out to all the generous businesses around our community for their prize donations. The Quiz Night Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all those families and businesses that have been so generous with their donations. It is greatly appreciated! Special mention to Tidy Tom's Mowing, Bunnings, WASO, and Metropolitan Framing who have donated to our event for the past three years. A full list of the donating businesses is shown below.

Last but not least, to the committee that worked tirelessly for months to prepare this event and on the night: Sarah Dye, Jo Di Pino, Tarquin Allen, Karlee Jones, Kristy Kavanagh, Carol Wincott-Whyte, Rachael Dalglish, Aman Sandhu, Josh Francis and Michelle Francis.  

We hope to see you all again next year!

The Friends of Holy Cross

New Seats Released for 'A Christmas Carol'

Due to popularity, another 40 seats have been released for the Junior Drama Club's Reader's Theatre performance of 'A Christmas Carol' this Thursday. The classic tale will be presented as you've never seen it before with a female Scrooge and a style of Theatre which does not focus on memorisation but on expression and plenty of Christmas Magic!

Free tickets can be reserved at Book now to avoid disappointment!

Christmas Mass Times - St Helena of the Holy Cross Parish

To help with your preparations for the Seasons of Advent and Christmas please see below for the Mass times at our Parish:
Saturday, 22 December - 6pm
Sunday, 23 December - 8am, 9.30am, 5.45pm
Monday, 24 December - 7pm (Family/Children Mass) & 12midnight
Tuesday, 25 December - 8am, 9.30am, No evening mass

There will also be Christmas carols 30 minutes prior to the Christmas masses.

Just a reminder that Saturday/Sunday (22 & 23 December) are normal masses for the 4th Sunday of Advent. As Christmas falls on a Tuesday, it is timely to remind people that we are encouraged to uphold our Sunday mass obligation as well as attending a Christmas celebration.

Mr Ryan Shelton
Director of Faith
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