LIFE this Week! Autumn Term  

Mon 17 Sept Principal's Lunch Year 12 Students

                        Arts Showcase Evening 

Tues 18 Sept to Thur 20 Sept Arts Showcase Daytime viewing 8am to 4pm

               Junior School Assembly

Wed 19 Sept Junior School Learning Conversations

Thur 20 Sept DaVinci Programme finish for Winter Term

Fri 21 Sept Final Day of Classes before School Holidays

                    End of Winter Term Assembly

2018 Holy Cross College Italian Week.

The 2018 Holy Cross College Italian Week has seen a variety of activities that took place during Italian lessons, numerous recess and lunch times, including students from middle and senior school. All Year 8 students and the Year 9 and Year 10 students who study Italian have been preparing and cooking typical Italian food during the celebration. Also students have been completing projects on different aspects of history, traditions and exploring the Italian culture. Students had the opportunity to show parents and teachers their work on the Tuesday Italian Showcase and they were proud of having explored and discovered new facts of the country of which they are learning the beautiful language.
It has also been an excellent opportunity to liaise with parents and grandparents whose help has been exceptional. The Holy Cross Community of teachers, families and students has once again come together and enjoyed this special time of the year. I would like to thank very much everyone for helping on the success of the 2018 Italian Week. Grazie mille!🇮🇹
Signora Amatulli, Signora Morlotti e Signor Smiroldo


An Explosion of Talent and Colour

The College Arts Showcase took place this week and proved to be an explosion of colour, visuals and creative talent as students showcased the culmination of the year's work in the Performing and Visual Arts as well as Textiles, Materials Technology, Media and Design and Photography.

The capacity crowd enjoyed performances from the College Streetlights Band and combined College band made up of Middle and Senior School students along with the Junior Choir, Senior School Drama Group, Middle and Senior School Dancers and members of the College Production Cast.

Also featured was the best of the HCC Film Festival and a superb Textiles Fashion Parade. At interval, the doors were flung open to a dazzling exhibition featuring some incredible work in Visual Arts, Woodwork, Materials, Media, Photography and Textiles and guests were able to sample some wonderful food options courtesy of our Certificate Hospitality Students.

 The 2018 Arts Showcase was our biggest yet and huge thanks must go to the Arts and Technologies Staff: Miss Sara O'Neill, Miss Georgina Pratt, Miss Sophie Lester, Mr Chris Gooch, Mr Guy Jackson, Miss Rachel Rafferty, Miss Kristina Croxford, Mr Matt Smyth, Mrs Susan Wilson, Miss Jessica Vaini, Mr Roger Newton, Miss Lissa Rossetti and Mrs Leanne Murphy. The Arts at Holy Cross College are flourishing indeed!

The Exhibition will remain open for viewing in the New Norica building until Thursday this week.

Mr Chris McRae
Learning Area Coordinator (The Arts)

Italian Week

As part of Italian week, the students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 at Holy Cross College, participated in a variety of cooking activities. Students had the opportunity to make Italian bread, biscotti, Italian pizza, gnocchi, bruschetta and Italian fruit salad with gelato. The students enjoyed the cooking activities and the Italian food. Meals are a very important part of the Italian culture; usually shared with family and friends. Meals are an opportunity for groups to come together and talk; while enjoying some great food. A big thank you to all the parents that came along and helped with all the cooking activities. We could not have done it without you!

During the week, the children also participated in a hunting the dot competition and won prizes. The children performed role plays, read a PowerPoint Presentation, prayers and quotes from Frederic Ozanam and Oscar Romero as part of the Italian Showcase Assembly.
The children also enjoyed engaging with Italian Culture by playing soccer and bocce.

Italian Teachers

Signora Natascia Morlotti and Signor Richard Smiroldo


What’s The Problem With Plastic: The Finale!

On Thursday 13th September, the Year 7 students demonstrated the outcome of this term’s Big Ideas project ‘What’s the problem with plastic?’ In teams of 4 -5, the students constructed a piece of ‘trash art’ that demonstrated their understanding of the challenges plastic poses to the environment. Alongside this, each team presented their small-scale solution to the issue in the form of either an education resource, a personal challenge or an item that reduces the need for plastic.

On Thursday evening, parents and friends of the students came to their public exhibition to view their projects. It was wonderful to see the students speaking so passionately about all they have learned and to have so many family members join us for the evening.

I congratulate the students on their enthusiasm and look forward to seeing their work next term as they begin their final term of Year 7 Big Ideas!

Miss Emilie Reynolds
Year 7 Innovator

Ozanam Feast Day 2018

Ozanam Feast Day 2018 

Ozanam Feast Day was held on Wednesday 5 September and our focus for the day was to remember our House patron, Blessed Frederic Ozanam. Ozanam House celebrated his life of compassion and giving back to others in need as our students kindly donated everyday personal items to help Passages Resource Centre in Northbridge. Ozanam Feast day started with a wonderful Mass in the Church celebrated by Father Marcelo and our House leaders, along with everyone dressed in their orange House shirts. Lunchtime welcomed our annual pizza lunch with soft drinks and games.

Congratulations HCC Christian Drama!

The 2018 Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges has now concluded and on Monday 10 September, Mr McRae, Ms Connor and Year 11 student representative John Paul Botha attended the Festival Concert at the Perth Concert Hall. The College was presented with the Ron Dullard Shield for Christian Drama. Our talented Middle and Senior School Drama students won the 2018 Christian Drama category for the second year in a row for their performance of the 'Way of the Cross', a moving and reflective dramatisation of Jesus' final moments. A big congratulations to all the students involved and special thanks to Mr Shelton for his assistance and guidance.

Year 12 Final Pilgrimage and Important Dates to Note

Year 12 Recent Events and Important Dates to Note

Life Week saw our Year 12’s final pilgrimage into New Norcia. This was a wonderful opportunity for this group to ‘take the long view’ and to reflect around the next part of their post school journey. It was wonderful to see so many parents meet us in New Norcia for the last part of the walk and also joining us for the foot washing liturgy afterwards. The ringing of the bells as we enter the town and walk to the chapel, continue to be a powerful symbol of the ending of one journey and the onset of the new. The retreat experience will be represented in our Year 12’s Graduation Mass where their painted crosses, visually representing the young men and young women they hope to be, will be on display. We wish the Year 12’s of 2018 all the very best for their final weeks of school.

Important Dates 

Lunch with staff – Monday Week 10
House Farewells – Friday Week 10
Final Day of Classes – Friday Week 10
ATAR Mock Exams and Revision Seminars – Monday 1 October – Friday 19 October
Final Day of School – Thursday 18 October
Annual Celebration Evening – Friday 26 October

The final day of school has a number of events attached to it – Thursday 18 October

1) The day will begin with a breakfast at the Vines Resort – the College bus will leave from the school at 7am and will make two trips to collect students.
2) The students will then be farewelled by the whole College community with an assembly and farewell fanfare commencing at 10am – parents are invited to attend.
3) Immediately after the assembly, students will move over to the Church for a full rehearsal for the evening Graduation Mass.
4) Graduation Mass will then commence at 6.30 pm in the Parish Church followed by a light supper.

Please note that a letter has been sent home regarding these dates also. Students also have been given their clearance form.

There are exciting times ahead for this graduating class and it is our hope that they continue to approach the next few weeks with the dignity and enthusiasm they have shown all year.

Anita O’Donohue
Deputy Principal - Learning 

2018 College Arts Showcase

The 2018 Holy Cross College Arts Showcase is back and bigger than ever. The showcase evening will be held on Monday 17 September from 6:00pm in the New Norcia Building and promises an evening of amazing music, energetic dance, entertaining drama, creative short films and our dazzling Visual Art exhibition. The Certificate Hospitality students will also be on hand to provide some delicious catering. Tickets are free but due to limited capacity, tickets must be booked in advance at or by scanning the QR code on the poster below. Book now to attend the Arts Learning Area's night of nights!

Mr Chris McRae
Learning Area Coordinator (The Arts)

Year 8 LIFE Week

On Monday, 20th August, Year Eight students excitedly arrived at Holy Cross College, eager to commence LIFE week. After completing the roll, we boarded two buses, heading for New Norcia and the annual Year Eight LIFE week camp.

Upon arrival at New Norcia, the students were allocated beds, with girls within the dormitories of St. Ildephonsus’ College and boys within the dormitories of St. Gertrude’s College. We could then commence the activities which had been arranged.

The students all rotated around six activities over the three days spent at New Norcia. These activities included a self-guided tour of the New Norcia museum, to learn about the history of the town. We were also given guided tours of the town, explaining the heritage of the town and a cemetery study. Students learned about the aboriginal heritage of the area and New Norcia by exploring the Prendiville room and the six seasons art panels.

Students were also able to complete some hands-on activities, including boomerang painting. We also explored slightly further afield through a river walk.

Evening activities included learning about the life of a monk, a quiz night and a movie night.

The students had to reflect upon their work through all of the activities, as they were to make an iBook of all of their work in Big Ideas and LIFE week, to show how they can be their best and how New Norcia can be the best. All students completed the activities enthusiastically and have created some interesting and informative books. A book expo will be held in week 10 of Big Ideas, where visitors will be able to vote for the best books created by the students. The students who create the best books, with the most original ideas on how to improve New Norcia will be selected to return to New Norcia to show their books to the Benedictine community.

On the Thursday and Friday of LIFE week, students either completed a stage of the Camino Salvado, walking from Bells Rapids to Shady Hills, or they completed a retreat within school.

Young Christ Workers - Post School Retreat

For any interested Year 12’s please contact YCS directly.
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