Curriculum Enrichment Opportunities


The After School Art Club is open to all staff and students on Monday afternoons from 3.20 – 5.00pm in the Visual Arts Studio. The programme is based on the idea of ‘building community through learning together’ in enjoyable art experiences. Staff and students are learning partners within the programme.

Each project will run for around 5 weeks (10 hours) and everyone attending will make a small contribution by bringing items to use/share. Work produced in the After School Art Club will be shown at an annual whole school exhibition in the Spring Term.

Staff and students can choose to attend one or more of the 5 week projects. 


“There is creative reading as well as creative writing” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Have you ever wanted to join Harry as he battles Lord Voldemort at Hogwarts? Fight for your life with Katniss in The Hunger Games? Join Bilbo Baggins in a quest? Or perhaps wonder what it was like to have the supernatural powers of a Vampire? You now have the chance to explore these ideas (and many, many more) at The English Club held every Wednesday in the Learning Resource Centre. Each week there will be a different genre and text to read and explore as well as the opportunity to create a wide variety of creative texts, short narratives, short stories, poems and plays! If you love to read and write then this is for you!


  • The ConocoPhillips Science Experience