Week 8 at VILE

The cast and crew of Villain School have now blocked out the entire show in record time! Mr McRae, Miss Lester and Miss Rafferty are now at the stage of fine tuning the character quirks, traits and personalities of each monster, pickpocket, misfit and witch in this very talented and vibrant cast.

Mr Jackson has been hard at work with the tech team in beginning to create what is set to be a very different and impressive technical geared backdrop with Year 11 student Mya Ubalde working hard on putting together some striking backdrops.

With last week's eerie and very clever first teaser, Media Manager James Evans is now putting his thoughts into Teaser #2 which is due to be released in 2 weeks time. This will give you a further taste of life at VILE.

Our dancers along with Miss Pratt have been in every week and even at lunchtimes beginning to put some character into their highly energetic dance numbers. We can reveal that our cast will make a special appearance in the final number which we are looking forward to.

Miss Pratt, Mrs Azzopardi and Year 12 Costume Manager Chloe Ryan will be out and about in Mt Lawley tomorrow hunting for and gathering the final costume items for our cast. We will be running a dress rehearsal and holding some character photo shoots before the end of term so keep your eyes peeled!

We are looking forward to a great couple of weeks of rehearsals up until the end of term, which will also include our Production Camp at Swan Valley Adventure Centre at the end of Week 10!

Final Order Crest Logos

Year 12 Graphic Designer Darrell Chiu has completed his designs for the VILE Order Crests. Modelled on the colours and ideas from Harry Potter's four houses, the Orders of Marvels, Enchantment, Anarchy and Mayhem will be well represented in the production this year!

Order Order!

We are now past the halfway mark of Summer Term and Villain School is looking sharp already. The focus this week has been getting the students to work more closely in their Orders to further develop their character quirks and traits. The students at VILE are separated into Orders, which we have modelled on the Houses from 'Harry Potter'. These orders represent the students' personality and sub-group.

- The Order of Marvels: Evil Geniuses who are top of the Food Chain
- The Order of Anarchy: Thieves and Pickpockets who are out to make mischief
- The Order of Monsters: Characters who are mean, cruel and always hungry
- The Order of Enchantment: Witches who specialise in making a mean brew

We are proud to revel the first two Order Crests which reflect the ideals of each order, designed by our Year 12 Graphic Designer Darrell Chiu.

We ran a full cast rehearsal earlier this week and students got to grips with the students in their order and are really starting to gel as a cast team. We are looking forward to our first weekend rehearsal which will take place tomorrow as well as our upcoming Production Camp at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre at the end of Week 10.

Behind the Scenes- Your First Look at Villain School!

Year 12 Student and five time production cast member James Evans has taken on the role of Student Media and Promotion Manager this year. He has been working hard over the past couple of weeks with Year 11 student John Botha (Frank Stein) and Mr Guy Jackson our Technical Director and Miss Jessica Vaini, our Media Coordinator to produce the first teaser trailer for Villain School. This teaser, set to be released this week will tell the story of how Frank came to be at the Villain's Institute for Learning Evil. Just how was he banished from his previous school and how does a mysterious blue potion come into it? Find out when our first teaser trailer is released later this week!

VILE School Pride

In an effort to give our Villain School a real sense of identity, we have had our Graphic Designer Darrell Chiu design a striking school logo as well as emblems for each of the four school orders (Marvels, Enchantment, Anarchy and Mayhem). We are excited to reveal the official VILE School Logo which features the school motto 'Nota Res Mala, Optima' (An Evil Thing Known Is Best). This logo will feature as part of the set, costumes and backdrops!

Potions and Cauldrons- Week 4 Gets Spooky

We are now four weeks into our rehearsals for the 2018 College Production of VILLAIN SCHOOL and we have had a lot of fun over the past week as our settings start to take shape. The scenes for the show take place either in the V.I.L.E Cafeteria, Campus Grounds, Genius Bedrooms or Headmistresses Office. We have brewed potions and even got our hands on a human-sized cauldron!

Our Senior Student crew have been hard at work sourcing costume ideas and our student assistant director Laila Davies took charge in rehearsal this week, blocking several key scenes involving the Geniuses, Witches and Professors.

Our Dance chorus have also been leaping, rolling and jumping with Villain-like attitude as they begin to bring to life their three lively dance numbers!

Things are busy in the world of Villain School and we look forward to reaching the end of our planning for Act 1 next week!

Wicked Dance Chorus

We are very excited to add a talented group of girls to the 2018 Production Cast as a dance chorus who will help us enhance this enchanting, wicked production. Congratulations to Letisha O'Neill, Amelie Ladyman, Paris Rozario, Mia Butterworth, Amy Van Der Wiede, Jasmin Baker, Cortney Sleath and Chloe Andrews. We can't wait to see what these girls will bring to the Production this year!

2018 Villain School Poster Reveal

We are pleased to reveal the official poster for the 2018 College Production of VILLAIN SCHOOL by Brian D Taylor. The striking design displays V.I.L.E, the Villain's Institute for Learning Evil and the school of wicked ways along with the ever quirky witches conjuring their famous brew. It also hints at teenage angst and first love which features in the colourful and wickedly fun story. The poster has been designed by Year 12 student Darrell Chiu, who will be completing other graphic content for the show including a school logo which will be coming soon. The QR codes on the poster will link directly to the school website as well as the ticket purchase link (which will go on sale mid next term). Be sure to keep an eye on the Life @ HCC and Production Blogs to follow all things VILLAIN SCHOOL!

Mr Chris McRae
Learning Area Coordinator (The Arts)

Chillin Like Villain's

As we reach the end of our third week of rehearsals, we have already made significant progress, blocking up until the end of Act 1, Scene 6 and giving all of our groups (Monsters, Convicts, Geniuses, Witches, Misfits and Adults) their chances to shine! Our set and props are already taking shape (potentially the earliest we have ever had props and set pieces on hand) and we have some very exciting and innovative ideas for staging and setting Villain School this year!

It has been fantastic to see our Year 6-12 Cast and Crew merging together with old friendships being established and new ones being formed. Our older students are proving to be fantastic mentors, running warm ups and team building activities for our new and younger students. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for the release of our striking poster and Villain School logo (being designed by Darrell Chiu) and our first teaser trailer (being put together by James Evans and Miss Vaini).

Villain School Rehearsals in Full Swing

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