LIFE this week! Summer Term 2018

Thurs 22 March Year 11 Elevate 'Ace Your Exams'

Fri 23 March Oscar Romero Liturgy

Sun 25 March Palm Sunday

Tue 27 March Junior School Assembly

             Arts Slam 

Thurs 29 March Stations of the Cross

Fri 30 March Good Friday

Sun 1 April Easter Sunday

Harmony Day 2018

Celebrating Diversity - Harmony Day Wednesday 21st March
Harmony Day is this Wednesday. This year, students will have the opportunity to buy food from different countries around the world at lunch time. 
There will be various activities at lunch time for students to get involved in to celebrate Harmony Day 2018.
Just Dance will be playing in New Norcia, the College band will be playing some Aussie tunes outside the Cafe and students can play a game of Italian bocce on the grassed area outside the Art room. 
Food for Sale:
  • Pasta and meatballs $3
  • Pepperoni or Vegetarian Pizza slice $2
  • Iced Lemon Bubble Tea $1 
  • Soft Drink $1
  • Fried Rice (Vegetarian option also) $3
  • Spring Rolls $2
  • Scones with jam and cream $2
  • Donuts $1
  • Lamingtons $1
  • Sausage Rolls $2
Thanks Inter-Relationships Team 

Mock Trials

Law Society of Western Australian Mock Trial Competition 

Holy Cross Colleges inaugural Mock Trial team participated in their first trial on Tuesday the 13th of March at the 1903 Supreme Court of Western Australia.

A mock trial is a simulated court case in which teams contest a fictitious legal matter presented in the Western Australia court system. The cases are presented by two teams – a prosecution/plaintiff team and a defence/defendant team – made up of students playing the roles of barristers, solicitors, witnesses and court officials. Judges award points based on an understanding of the case, knowledge of court procedure and presentation.

Twelve eager students spent weeks preparing for the mock trial, meeting weekly after school and during their lunch times. Our students spoke confidently and with purpose highlighting their legal knowledge, quick thinking and adaptability.

The team has two more trials to contest and cannot wait to receive the case materials to begin preparations.

Jamie Gotti 
Humanities and Social Sciences Teacher

Cake Decorating Club

Cake Decorating Club for Summer Term commenced on Thursday 1st March. So far the group made up of fifteen Year 7, 8 & 9 students have participated in two workshops. During the first workshop the students learnt a technique called flooding, which is used to decorate cookies. The girls practiced this technique with on plain biscuits using various royal icing colours. They picked it up very quickly and managed to create some impressive patterns on their biscuits.

In the second workshop, the girls got straight into decorating their unicorn cookies. Mrs Rossetti prepared white, pink, purple, blue and green royal icing and provided us with some sprinkles. It was great to see how creative the students can be and how well they did using this difficult technique! Our next workshop is on Thursday 29th March and we are looking forward to making fondant unicorn horns and ears for our unicorn cupcakes and also learning some buttercream piping techniques to create some Easter cupcakes.  

Carla Pastorelli
McCormack House Coordinator 

Project Compassion - Ozanam House Activities

This week Ozanam House ran two activities to raise money for Project Compassion. On Tuesday HTG 1&2 held a ‘Double Decker Popcorn Stall’ which raised $600 across Junior and Secondary school.

Next up was HCC’s Got Talent. From 67 auditions involving 134 students, 10 very talented acts were selected to perform in the Grand Final held on Thursday and Friday in the New Norcia Drama Studio. Congratulations to James McGowan (year 7), Nikolas Dragicevich (year 6) and Ethan and Declan Bellomo (year 3&5) who managed to take out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the show!

Over the two days, hundreds of audience members attended and we managed to raise $568 in ticket sales. This gave Ozanam House a grand total of $1,168 raised, which will go directly towards Project Compassion - how wonderful! 

Miss Sara O'Neill
Ozanam House Coordinator

Junior School Update


Numbers, counting, fairytales, families and fun in Pre-Primary!

It is great to see the children’s independence continuing to grow when organising their bags, lunchboxes and drink bottles each morning. They are following routines well and being very responsible for their belongings.  Our learning environments have provoked the children to think about numbers, counting, ordering and sorting during Mathematics, and in Literacy, we have been thinking about sounds and how those sounds a represented by letters. We have also been immersing ourselves in the land of fairytales and developing our speaking and listening skills. The children have also been working hard to build their fine motor skills through play and exploration. Our dramatic play areas are still a popular place to be and it is great to hear the conversations that are happening in and around them.

In Religious Education, we have started our Lenten unit and we are learning about the importance of this time in the lead up to Easter. The children have loved the Caritas fundraising activities and treats. Thank you all for your generosity. Thanks also go to those parents who have come into the classrooms to help out.  We have loved having you here and so have the children!

Miss Abbey Rowlands, Mrs. Joanne Wright, Mrs. Caroline Hilton and Ms. Helen Cooke

Pre-Primary Team.

Order at VILE

We are now past the halfway mark of Summer Term and Villain School is looking sharp already. The focus this week has been getting the students to work more closely in their Orders to further develop their character quirks and traits. The students at VILE are separated into Orders, which we have modelled on the Houses from 'Harry Potter'. These orders represent the students' personality and sub-group.

- The Order of Marvels: Evil Geniuses who are top of the Food Chain
- The Order of Anarchy: Thieves and Pickpockets who are out to make mischief
- The Order of Monsters: Characters who are mean, cruel and always hungry
- The Order of Enchantment: Witches who specialise in making a mean brew

We are proud to revel the first two Order Crests which reflect the ideals of each order, designed by our Year 12 Graphic Designer Darrell Chiu.

We ran a full cast rehearsal earlier this week and students got to grips with the students in their order and are really starting to gel as a cast team. We are looking forward to our first weekend rehearsal which will take place tomorrow as well as our upcoming Production Camp at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre at the end of Week 10.

Hockey @ HCC

Hockey is getting a jump start at Holy Cross College this year with a boys and a girls team currently being put together for participation at the ACC Hockey Challenge Carnivals in June. This will be a fantastic opportunity for students to participate in a sport that has not previously run at the College. HCC is also very fortunate to have gained the support of Hockey WA to help kickstart the hockey program. The organisation have generously donated a stick and ball set to assist with trainings. Students will also have the chance to train on turf prior to the carnivals which will be held at the Perth Hockey Stadium in June.

Mr Chris McRae

Salvado House Feast Day

Last week Salvado House celebrated their Feast Day. We celebrate around this time of the year to commemorate the birth of Dom Rosendo Salvado, which falls on the 1st of March. 

The celebrations started with students from Pre-Primary through to Year Twelve gathering in the morning for Mass. The theme for our Mass was to cultivate the gifts that have been given to us. As part of the opening procession some of our Year Ten students brought gifts to the altar to symbolise the many talents that we receive from God and our readings also reflected this sentiment. A wonderful addition to our Mass was having all our students sitting mixed together with the older students guiding our younger ones, it was wonderful to see. Thank you to those parents and parishioners who joined us, it was a great opportunity for the Ellenbrook community to come together. 

The day as always was topped off with a whole house lunch, music, pizza and a lot of laughs!

7 Big Ideas Off To A Busy Start!

The Year Seven students have had a busy start to Big Ideas this term as them immerse themselves in the world of the 6C’s. 
First up, the students tackled Citizenship, becoming responsible for the wellbeing of a ‘Flour Baby’ for a week. Each day they tackled individual challenges and posted their response to Seesaw, whilst also completing a ‘Baby Book’ chronicling the first week of their baby’s life. The students were surprised to find out how much responsibility was involved and reflected on their learning by journaling their own parenting tips.

Next up, the students challenged their Collaboration skills with a series of workshops that required them to work together to investigate the concept of Collaboration and to put it into practice.

In Week 5, the students discovered the ways in which Communication has changed throughout the ages. They dabbled in Morse code and learned to communicate through Australian Sign Language. They learned what constitutes effective and ineffective communication and throught of ways to apply this to their day to day life. 
With a lot of learning still to come, the Year Sevens have made a great start to Big Ideas and to understanding the 6 C’s. We look forward to seeing how their Citizenship, Collaboration and Communication skills grow throughout the year!
Miss Emilie Reynolds
Year 7 Innovator

Junior School Update

Year 3
Wow, what a smooth start to a fantastic school year. We welcome all our new families to Year 3 and congratulate the students as they have settled into Holy Cross College. Please remember that we start Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays with morning learning rotations. Parents are more than welcome to join in with their child as these are times to practice skills taught in previous sessions. Daily fitness sessions have also started, we began with Star Wars Yoga.

In English, we have been working on the structure and language of narratives. In groups, the students are learning to deconstruct, co-construct and independently write narratives. Over the next few weeks, the students will be looking at different types of sentences and stretch the small moments in a narrative to add detail. The grammar focus will be contractions and punctuation.

Humanities and Social Sciences has begun by looking at Australia, what a great place to start! In the coming weeks, our Big Ideas will link up with this unit as the students work on a collaborative assignment sharing information about one of the States. Our ongoing unit this year is World Celebrations and we began with our first celebration of Chinese New Year and will be revisiting Waitangi Day and Holidays later in the term. If either of these are important celebrations in your families, we hope you had great days.
In Mathematics, we have been working on Place Value and 3D Shapes. Place Value lessons have allowed us to focus on recognising numbers in standard and expanded form as well as representing numbers on a variety of number lines. Working on 3D shapes this term, we have had the opportunity to investigate the nets of different shapes and the properties of these shapes. Over the remainder of the term, students will start looking at addition and subtraction strategies as well as learning to tell time to the minute. 

Mrs. Gabbe McKinnon and Miss Amy Edwards
Year 3 Teachers

Year 4
This week’s blog comes to you courtesy of the fabulous Year 4s! We have started the year off running with so many fun activities and things to do. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve started ‘Daily Fitness’ in Year 4. That means we get a bit of extra time to move around and keep our bodies and minds healthy, ready to learn. Have a look at the awesome picture of us enjoying a bit of ‘Just Dance’. We also have been loving using games to improve our mathematics skills in multiplication and division. We’re getting really confident using pictures and arrays to help us work out large multiplication sums. Keep an eye out for more incredible learning from us as the year goes on!

Miss Kate Dunstan and Miss Deanna Russo

Year 4 Teachers
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