LIFE this week.   2017 Autumn Term 

27 April Thu Cross Country Carnival Whole College

28 April Fri Year 10 River Cruise

1  May   Mon Friends of Holy Cross Meeting

2  May   Tue Jr School Assembly

3  May   Wed School Photos Kindergarten, Middle & Senior School

5  May   Fri School Photos Pre-Kindergarten, Pre-Primary to Year 6

8  May   Mon Pre-Kindergarten & Absent Make-Up Photos

Year 7 Up and Coming Events

There are two events up and coming for Year 7 that we are really looking forward to.

1. Year 7 - Loving for Life. This is on Wednesday 3 May from 6pm. You and your child are strongly encouraged to attend together. The trained facilitators recommend that boys are accompanied by their dad or an uncle or grandfather and girls by their mum, or an aunt or grandmother, or in both cases, another trusted adult of the same gender.

The evening is designed to assist parents to share, instruct and talk with their child confidently around issues of human sexuality.

2. Year 7 Camino - Friday 5 May. Students will commence the first leg of the Camino Salvado pilgrimage walking from Subiaco to Maylands, a distance of approximately 8km. Students will be transported by bus departing from the College at 9.00am. Students will attend HTG in the morning. Students will return to the College by 3.10pm. Students need to wear their College winter sports uniform including the College hat. They should also bring a a packed lunch and sufficient water for the day.

Letters and reply slips have gone home already with further information. We are very much looking forward to both events.

Anita O'Donohue
Deputy Principal Learning

Learning Conversations - Middle and Senior School

A reminder that we have Middle and Senior School Learning Conversations happening tomorrow from 12.30pm until 7.30pm.

All conversations in the Middle and Senior School will happen in Paris.

As these conversations are happening with your child's LAG tutor, which in Year 7-10 is their House Tutor, one room of Paris will be dedicated to each House. A house coloured flag will identify the room for you.

Year 11 and Year 12 will be in Paris also and these rooms will be clearly identified by signage on the door.

Interviews will last for 15 minutes. Your child will need to bring their device and will need to be in school uniform for the conversation.

If you are unable to attend, please make an alternative arrangement with your child's LAG as this is a very important part of our commitment to parent/school partnership.

Thanks in advance
Anita O'Donohue
Deputy Princpal - Learning

Year 9s Present Their Big Ideas Learning for Summer Term

In Week 9, Year 9 students were given the opportunity to present their learning from the Summer Term Project: 'The Chosen Ones: Why Will I Be on the LIFE Boat?' It was wonderful to see a large number of parents attend the event to share in the learning of their sons and daughters. Students also invited their House Tutors who explored their work and provided students with feedback on their presentation.

The students' presentations took a wide range of forms from 3D models to posters, digital content and  musical items. Students showed genuine pride in their work and a deep and growing understanding of the fundamental principals of the project - the seven key aspects of human character and how these applied to their own personalities and qualities.

Ms Karen Taylor
Year 9 Learning Innovator
5 April 2017


We can even influence humanity when buying our Easter eggs.

Pope Francis said that “every person ought to have the awareness that purchasing is always a moral and not simply an economic – act.”
Thinking of buying Easter eggs? Use your money justly please.
What ethical Easter eggs will you enjoy this Easter? There is now a wide range of slavery-free chocolate and Easter eggs available, including a budget-priced range of UTZ certified products in ALDI and a wide selection at Haighs. There is a link at which gives a guide to where slavery-free eggs are being sold.

ACTION: If there is slavery-free chocolate in your supermarket buy it and commend the shop manager. Remember it must have one of these three symbols on the wrapper: 


Final week for Project Compassion HCC

As we enter our final week of school we also enter into our final week of Fund raising for Project Compassion. A huge thank you to the many projects that have been organised by so many members of the Holy Cross community. Just as big a thank you to all those members of the community who have taken part by sponsoring activities and spending money at one of these activities. I also want to thank everyone who also just gave without needing anything in return. We aspire to answer the call of Pope Francis.

“Humanity has the ability to work together in building our common home”

We start this week by bidding farewell to our group of Camino Santiago de Compostela pilgrims. We wish them a memorable experience of the pilgrimage following the footsteps of Rosendo Salvado during Holy Week. They will be able to experience Easter preparations in each of the towns they visit along the way and then experience Easter Sunday in the beautiful Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, dedicated to St Mark, the apostle.

On Friday I invite members of the Holy Cross community to join with staff and students in the Holy Cross College Annual Stations of the Cross. These will be held in the Parish Church of St Helena of the Cross at both 9.30am and 10.15 am.

May I wish you all a happy and holy Easter. I would encourage you to try and attend some of the important Liturgies that are held over the Easter weekend. They are filled with so much symbolism and rich pageantry in our remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus and how it influences our faith. 

Harry Muller
Ministry Coordinator
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