Friends of Holy Cross

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Our College mission calls us to be a nurturing, caring, compassionate, welcoming and connected community.   Friends of Holy Cross is a group of parents, families, guardians and community members who will have the opportunity to be involved in and contribute to life at the College.


Friends of Holy Cross exist within four sub-committees of the College Board under the areas of Learning, Inter-relationships, Faith and Enrichment. Parents, guardians and community members are invited to become involved in this parent body.  They are required to sign up on a yearly basis for involvement in one of the groups. Each group will be coordinated by a member of the Board and will have a member of the College staff as an ex-officio member.  The sub-committees are not decision making bodies, but groups which have as their focus service to the College and the opportunity for parents to become involved.  

Meetings are held once per term. The sub-committees will meet simultaneously for approximately 45 minutes, followed by a plenary session of approximately 15 minutes which will be chaired by the Chairperson of the Board.  The common session will allow each group to give feedback to the larger group.  Sub-committees may need to meet on other occasions when organising an activity or event.


Learning and Faith

Parent Education – organising parent educational seminars/guest speakers on topics of interest to parents. Act as a focus group to give feedback to the College Board and College staff on matters of policy and school development. Liaising with the Parish and providing opportunities for parent faith education, prayer and liturgy


Organising opportunities for the College community to gather.


Organising fundraising activities.


Not all parents are able to attend meetings due to work or family commitments.  However, all families are expected to make a commitment to the College in some way.  Parent volunteers are required to provide assistance at appropriate times during the College year.